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Transforming Spaces, Uplifting Spirits

As part of the ongoing renovation efforts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the 1D1 Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic received a vibrant makeover with the help of Arttec Signs. The installation of colorful printed frosting on windows and sign panels, designed by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation team, has brought a new sense of brightness and cheer to the entrance area.

The collaboration between Arttec Signs and the hospital foundation team was a resounding success, resulting in a visually stunning transformation that uplifts both spirits and spaces. At Arttec Signs, we’re always thrilled to partner with clients on meaningful projects like this, contributing to great causes and making a positive impact in our communities.

The latest addition to West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, North America’s largest indoor amusement park, is the brand new GI Joe attraction, and Arttec Signs is thrilled to be a part of this exciting project. As a leading provider of custom signs and murals, Arttec Signs has brought its expertise to the creation of some amazing murals with 3D pop-outs that will transport visitors straight into the world of GI Joe.

The new GI Joe attraction at Galaxyland is the perfect example of how art and technology can come together to create an immersive and exciting experience. Arttec Signs has worked closely with West Edmonton Mall to create stunning murals that not only look great but also bring the GI Joe world to life. From the moment visitors step into the attraction, they’ll be surrounded by bold colors, intricate details, and high-tech designs that are synonymous with the GI Joe brand.

Two walls, totaling almost 43 feet in length by 11 feet high, and an Operator’s desk are covered in pre-printed aluminum composite panels, perfectly matched and installed by our team like a giant GI Joe Puzzle.

One of the most impressive aspects of Arttec Signs’ work on the GI Joe attraction is the use of 3D pop-outs. These pop-outs are the characters, that have been raised off the surface of the wall to create a sense of depth and dimensionality. This not only makes the mural look more impressive but also allows visitors the opportunity to experience something that is not only visually stunning but also engaging and fun for all ages.

Overall, the new GI Joe attraction at Galaxyland is sure to be a hit with fans of the brand and anyone looking for an immersive and exciting experience. If you’re looking to create a similar experience, let us bring your vision to life – contact us today!

Bright and welcoming new Elevator Wraps at the General Hospital in Edmonton. Vinyl Decals, digitally printed in full colour, hospital grade laminate applied and installed to the face of elevator doors. Thank you @Covenant Health Foundation for choosing @Arttec Signs as your preferred signage provider!

Exciting news for the printing industry! Arttec Signs is happy to announce our acquisition of a top-of-the-line Gandy Digital Fascin8tor UV Roll to Roll 16 ft. wide printer.


This cutting-edge, 16’ wide printer, is a game-changer in the world of Grand Format Printing, offering unparalleled speed, quality, and versatility. With its advanced UV curing technology, the Fascin8tor can print on a wide range of materials, including vinyl, fabric, mesh and other substrates.

It’s perfect for your GRAND sized projects like Billboards, Building and Stadium Wraps, Construction Hoarding and Fence Mesh.

At Arttec Signs, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, and the addition of the Fascin8tor to our fleet is a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients.

With this new printer, we can now produce stunning, vibrant prints at lightning-fast speeds, allowing us to take on even more ambitious projects and meet tight deadlines with ease.

Whether you’re in need of eye-catching banners, impressive signage, or stunning graphics for your business or event, Arttec Signs has you covered. And now, with our new Gandy Digital Fascin8tor UV Roll to Roll printer, we’re poised to take your signage projects to the next level.

If you’re looking for top-notch printing services from a company that’s always on the cutting edge of technology, look no further than Arttec Signs.

Congratulations Valour Law on your gorgeous new digs.
Window graphics, wall mural and custom printed ceiling panels produced and installed by Arttec.
Thank you, Catherine Christensen, for trusting our team with your new office decor.