wide format lamination


Specialty Products We Carry

Arttec offers our clients the most options when it comes to laminating their signage and prints. We stock various types of laminating films. These products range in width, thickness, and texture. Some examples include glossy finish, matte finish, and lustre finish. This variety allows you to create the desired effect that perfectly complements your graphics, colours, and locations. If you aren’t sure what to expect, our design and proofing team will send you samples of previous work so you can decide what you like best.

In addition to our aesthetic finishes for the best curb appeal, we also offer many other practical solutions for our clients. These include finishes such as:

Anti-graffiti  •  Dry-erase  •  Non-slip floor  •  UV-resistant

Exterior Signs
& Sign Faces

Big or small, your exterior signage can be created with durability in mind so your brand will make a lasting impact both aesthetically and physically. We’ll make sure your exterior sign faces can withstand the test of time (and unpredictable weather).

Floor, Wall &
Ceiling Graphics

At Arttec, we’re all about the “look good, feel good” mentality, which is why we offer a variety of cover options for floors, walls, and ceilings. By simply refreshing these surfaces, we can help them stand up to daily wear and tear without losing vibrancy.


Even the cleanest windows could use a little extra sparkle. Our durable window graphics give you the opportunity to use your window space to capture the attention of passersby with surfaces that gleam.

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