Bringing Classic Hasbro Games to Life: Pt 1.Hungry Hippos

Bringing Classic Hasbro Games to Life with Specialty Signage:
Pt 1.Hungry Hippos

Isn’t being a kid great! The innocence and sense of play leave adults everywhere envious of the energy and emotions that they once felt. West Edmonton Mall and Hasbro Gaming have partnered to bring those emotions back to all ages at Galaxyland, North America’s largest indoor amusement park. Arttec Signs was thrilled to help bring some classic board games to life.

Hungry Hippos is a game that is remembered for being filled with fast-paced, action-packed fun that’s different every time you play.

Arttec’s contribution was printing and installing the environment that sets the tone for the ride.

Starting with the ride’s entrance, it’s hard to miss the Hungry Hippo theme that includes custom printed and installed murals on the operator’s desk and column in printed dibond on our large format signage digital printers and installed on all sides.

Walking by it is hard not to notice the fun elements starting with the Grass that was printed on vinyl and digitally cut to shape, installed around perimeter of the ride area directly to the painted wall.

Creating the environment also included larger-than-life leaves and flowers that were printed double sided on Dibond to various shapes and sizes and then digitally cut to shapes before being installed on the walls and tree trunk.

This ride is a great example of how working with Arttec Signs and custom specialty signage can transform a room. Stay tuned for the next game Arttec Signs brought to life with custom signs. We promise you won’t be Sorry