Wide Format Laminating

Laminating is a process of applying film to printed materials in order to protect them from fading, weather elements and wear and tear.

Generally, there are three laminating processes in use: hot, cold and liquid laminating.

  • HOT LAMINATING uses heat-assisted laminating films. The laminator rollers are heated to a specific temperature and printed material is “sandwiched” between films.
  • COLD LAMINATING uses pressure sensitive films. The laminator rollers remain cold or lukewarm and the pressure created by the rollers facilitates adhesion. Usually only the printed face or one side is laminated using this process.
  • LIQUID LAMINATING is done by a clear liquid solution, which is normally applied to the print surface of materials.

At Arttec, we use all three processes and can laminate printed materials up to 62” wide. We carry a variety of laminating films in stock ranging in width, thickness and texture (gloss, matte, lustre, etc.). We also carry specialty laminates such as anti-graffiti, dry-erase, non-slip floor, outdoor and UV.

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