Choosing between Partial Wraps
vs. Full Custom Vehicle Wraps

So you’ve made the decision that you want to wrap your vehicle to get more brand recognition and eye on your business. Now the hard part is deciding what type of coverage ou want. Do you go for a Partial Wrap or a Full Wrap? In a nutshell, Partial wraps are cheaper than full wraps. But maybe that isn’t as important to your business.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer that anyone can give you and be right. The truth is there are so many factors that make a difference. Type of vehicle, size, colour, age, usage, etc.

With that in mind, the intention of the article is to help you to choose the best option for your business or personal preferences by knowing what the differences and benefits are between the two.

Full Vehicle Wraps

With full vehicle wraps, custom vinyl graphics printed are installed to the exterior of your vehicle, including sides, rear, hood and, if permitted by the law in your city, the windows. Keep in mind that full wraps on larger vehicles, such as cargo vans, typically do not include the roof.

Benefits of Full Vehicle Wraps

While a full vehicle wrap is a larger investment, it essentially turns your business vehicle into a 24/7 advertisement on wheels, attracting attention everywhere it can be seen.

Full wraps allow you to maximize your marketing dollars by using more of the available advertising space.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

When it comes to Partial vehicle wraps, Arttec Signs prints and installs them to just a portion of the vehicle. If we were to break it down, typically if 25 to 75 percent of the surface based on the design is covered, it is considered a partial wrap. Partial vehicle wraps involve art on the rear of the vehicle, partially on the sides, and sometimes on the hood of the vehicle.

If the design is done right then the artwork will not look like it is unfinished or the budget was just low. In any case the transition between your vehicle’s paint and the vinyl should not be obvious but it should look like an intentional part of the design.

Benefits of Partial Wraps

  • A partial vehicle wrap is typically cheaper than a full wrap and is easier to change if you need to update any service or contact information, making them a great choice for growing businesses.
  • Partial wraps are a great idea for white or black vehicles as they will look great with almost any branding or colour scheme.
  • If you are not ready to commit to a full wrap, a partial wrap is still a great advertising solution.

Whether you choose to do a partial wrap or full custom vehicle wrap, contact Arttec Signs for a complimentary quote to see how we can get your message rolling!

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