Alberta Health Services Protective Barriers in a Pandemic

Alberta Health Services Protective Barriers in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways over the past few years. Sanitizing, social distancing, masking in public, and vaccinating are all terms that have become part of our daily vocabulary all over the globe. When it comes to serving the public in the face of a pandemic, Alberta Health Services needed a signage partner that could help them keep their staff and the public safer while at the University of Alberta Hospital. AHS also wanted to keep patients and staff from feeling completely cut off from human connection. Arttec Signs stepped up to partner with AHS and provided the custom solutions they needed.

Alberta Health Services had to rethink its strategy and workplace design to maintain social distancing standards. Standard waiting areas, unit desks and office settings offered very little protection from particulate-driven viruses like COVID-19. Arttec’s solution was to outfit many of these environments with custom protective separation barriers, sneeze shields and cough guards.

Using lightweight plexiglas / acrylic, we created a series of protective barriers for multiple office setups. These barriers offer the staff clear sight lines of their workspaces while still allowing the feel connected to the staff in a safer environment.

We measured dozens of outpatient areas for a custom fit of the barriers. It was crucial we adhered to a tight timeline as many of these areas were still in constant use and could not afford to be closed for long periods. The barriers were designed with the intention to be fully functional but not permanent. There was no need to screw or drill resulting in unnecessary holes. Once the pandemic has passed or there is no longer a need, the barriers can be removed and the workspaces restored to their original states.

All in all the project was a success and we look forward to partnering with Alberta Health Services again.